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Robot Rage is sci-fi arena robot fighting game.

Developer Miniclip
Players 2
Type Real-Time
Web Player Unity


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Robot Rage Forum

Robot Rage gameplay video


  • Arrow keys to move
  • X - melee attack weapon (sledgehammer, chainsaw, claw, double sledgehammer, magnet (only some robots have this weapon))
  • C - ranged weapon (chaingun, flamethrower, missiles, mines, mortar, lazer)
  • V - defensive weapon (steel ram, blades, cutter, teleport)
  • 1,2,3,4 - consumable powerups (rage, mega shield, cloaking, x-ray)

Tips & Tricks

  • Shoot when you have full ammo and target in range.
  • Keep some ammo in a case if opponent would start driving away with low ammount of HP.
  • Chainsaw vs Sledgehammer - if you have chainsaw you can drive backwards and cut your opponent (you will be out of range of his sledgehammer).
  • Run if you are not going to win direct fight - pickups could win the match for you.
  • Plan your strategy - Do you want to throw your opponents of the cliff or smash them directly? Choose weapons according to that.
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