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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages is asynchronous MMO strategy game. Join the forces with disorderly dwarfs and noble elfs and fight the shadow forces! Defend your city against orcs, trolls and goblins!

Developer GoodGame Studios
Max Players 20+
Type Asynchronous
Web Player Flash


Shadow Kings gameplay video


  • Mouse

Tips & Tricks

Begining player:

  • Start with completing quests - it will give you good grasp how the game works as well as many basic resources
  • Set up tax collection accordingly to your time plan - if you will be playing for half an hour, set up your tax collection to 3 minutes and refresh it often. If you are going away, set up your collection for 5 hours (or more, but that will cost you some crystals)
  • Save your crystals! You will make better use of them than in beginning. Do not spent your crystals just to speed up building construction or upgrade by few minutes.
  • Be sure you have enough food
Just click on the food bar in top right corner and it will show you production per hour.

This example shows that army is consuming food faster

than farms produce it - supplies are running out (-4 per hour)

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